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Posted on 12-12-2011 by Secretariat
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The creation of OATYE is an innovation for our country, as the first organizational conjunction of Health Funds. It is the first Federation of Mutual Health Funds in Greece. It is a non-profit organization, Legal Entity of Private Law, representing roughly 110.000 insured members and 1.000 employees.  

The procedure of its creation goes back to the 1st International Conference of Mutual Health Funds in Greece, which was organized with the occasion of the 65 years member-Fund T.Y.P.E.T. in 1995, along with the financial and scientific support of the European Commission.  

In 1998, the Statutes of O.A.T.Y.E. were confirmed, with the participation of the Mutual Health Funds: T.Y.P.E.T. (Mutual Health Fund of the Personnel of the National Bank of Greece), A.T.P.S.Y.T.E. (Mutual Health Fund of the Personnel of the Bank of Greece) and T.Y.P.A.T.E. (Mutual Health Fund of the Personnel of the Agricultural Bank of Greece). In 1999, E.D.O.E.A.P. (Mutual Health Fund of the Journalists) became the 4th member of the Federation.



The 4 member-Funds function according to the model of Mutuality. Their members elect their Governance, which manages the financial and human resources of the Funds, that is they are institutions of active citizens. They provide their members with effective insurance coverage, as well as primary and supplementary healthcare services. They carry a wide experience in the Sector of Prevention. They do not receive any social resources by the State, they are non-profit and their main feature is Mutuality in insurance.



O.A.T.Y.E. has evolved through the dynamic of international and European relations and seminars, as well as the development of its cooperation among its members-Funds before its creation.  It has developed a significant network of relations with the European and international Health Funds of its field, via the Assoiation Internationale de la Mutualite (AIM). It organizes, in annual basis, very successful medical conferences and seminars, with the collaboration of the Federation Nationale de la Mutualite Francaise (FNMF). The Landmark of its course has been the organizing of 2 grand AIM International Conferences in Athens (1998, 2003) , with the participation of  important international institutions and essential impact in national level. The election of Georgios KARPETAS, President of A.T.P.S.Y.T.E. and President of O.A.T.Y.E. in 2006, as a Vice-President of AIM in 2007, consummated the international recognition of O.A.T.Y.E.



At the same time, the Greek Federation has developed a common conventional strategy towards Hospitals and Clinics. It has signed collaboration contracts with major Private Medical Hospitals, Diagnostic Laboratories and doctors in Athens and prefecture and has managed to reduce the Cost of Hospitalization.  It has also signed collaboration contract with the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris in Paris.  

O.A.T.Y.E. represents the third model of health services management in Greece, among the Public and Private Sector. It mainly aims to: the rational utilization of the existing infrastructure, as well as the creation of new  structures for the best service of its members. At the same time, it searches for common equitable solutions towards the difficulties that the insurance sector faces in our country.

O.A.T.Y.E participates, via AIM, in the configuration of the new European Statutes of Mutualities. It’s acceptance by the European Commission and the European Parliament, will mean legal and institutional consolidation of the European Mutual Health Funds, with incorporation of institutional and social conquests in the new, under constitution, European Law, so as to be able to collaborate, co-operate and unite, in the basis of the national laws of the domicile of each union. 



Ø       Participates in the International Conferences and the working groups of AIM and is informed about the developments in the sector of health insurance, in international and global level

Ø       Actively participates in the interventions of AIM to the European Parliament with reference to the evolutions of the health insurance sector

Ø       Has created a Polyclinic of 8 medical specializations in the prefecture of Patras, in order to provide its insured population in the Prefecture of Achaia and the adjacent Prefectures with health services

Ø       Prepares common actions in the whole of the Greek territory

Ø       Participates actively, via AIM, in the Sector of Social Economy Europe.


In 2008, O.A.T.Y.E. completed 10 years of provision and creation. It is determined to overwhelm every possible effort so as for the Mutual Health Funds to remain a model of health services’ management and offer their insured members high level health care, with pioneer European social perception. 








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